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6 Unique Tourist Activities in Bolivia

If you’re the kind of traveler who likes countries that are largely unknown to the outside world, Bolivia may just be the perfect destination for your next trip. There’s a certain low-key feeling to everything going on around you, though the country’s rich history, natural attractions, and multi-faceted culture will keep you plenty busy. Interested […]

Top 10 Japanese Songs To Dance To

Music is often called the universal language. It bridges cultures and reaches all, with melodies and harmonies that can both soothe and excite the soul without understanding a single word of what is being sung! There are various different musical genres in Japan, with traditional sounds, dance, J-Pop, indie, and all other types of music, […]

Achtung! How Stay Safe on Your Trip to Germany

Like many countries in Europe, Germany may seem to have a rather more relaxed view towards child safety than other places. Germany is a very safe country, with low crime rates, so there isn’t too much to worry about. However, though children aren’t coddled, there are still health and safety laws to follow and dangers […]

Top 10 Towns for Tourists in Thailand

Thailand is crammed with stunning landscapes, gorgeous nature, ancient temples, and interesting attractions, and it also has a long and varied history and a rich and vibrant culture.  From the spectacular beaches and islands of the South, to the soaring mountains of the North, Thailand really does offer something for all. It pays to learn […]

7 Russian Dishes Your Kids Will Say “Da!” To

When you think of Russia you may not immediately think of five-star restaurants or child-friendly cuisine. In fact, the restaurant style we have of eating, with one course after the other, comes from Russia. Before we used to eat French style, with everything laid out all at once as a buffet. So we have Russia […]

10 Cities and Towns to Visit in Brazil

South America’s Brazil is not only the biggest country in the continent, but is also one of the most popular for visitors.  It has different varied landscapes and a plethora of incredible attractions.  Combining world-class beaches, pristine rainforests, lively cities, a passion for football, exciting carnivals, and more, a trip to Brazil is like no […]