Monthly Archives: August, 2012

How Americans are changing the sound of English

An interesting article in Slate busts the myth that the American accent is becoming homogenized. They take as an example the changes happening in accents around the Great Lakes – known to linguists as the Northern Cities Shift (NCS). This is seen as perhaps being the biggest change for centuries in English pronunciation. And when(…)

New punctuation marks

We might not be using all the punctuation marks available to us already, but The New Yorker wants us to invent some more. They asked readers to help out, by submitting suggestions. Some examples: Some drew upon celebrity affectations. From @rockskimmer came the Tilde Swinton, which would precede any sentence that’s to be read with(…)

Adorable words

Yesterday I posted about some despicable words – to counterbalance those, here are a couple of adorable terms for you! Word Spy introduces us to Skype Sleep: v. To create a Skype connection with a faraway partner and then fall asleep together. —Skype sleeping pp. Its earliest use is from late 2010, in the Urban(…)

Despicable words

We all have a word that we really hate. For my brother, it’s “toilet” – he prefers to use “bathroom”, in the American style. The Atlantic Wire has put together a short dictionary of what they call “despicable” words – here are a few examples: arguably. “What, actually, does arguably mean? Indisputable? Able to be(…)


So you’re in a foreign country, and you stub your toe. What do you say? Well, you could say “ouch!” but why not say it in the local language? Listen & Learn’s fun game can help you do so – click on the picture below to play!

ExecuSpeak dictionary

Struggling to keep up with all the new jargon whilst studying for your MBA? Or perhaps you’re in a new job and want to impress your boss? The ExecuSpeak dictionary could be for you! Their slogan is “because business is another language” and promises that the dictionary is “easy to use, easy to read, easy(…)