Monthly Archives: December, 2012

Word of the Year 2012

It’s the final post of 2012, and what better to write about than the Word of the Year? Or rather, words. Merriam-Webster, America’s oldest dictionary, announced that for the first time two words made it as the word(s) of the year. Described as a “pairing of a kind”, the words are socialism and capitalism. Editor(…)

Happy holidays!

Yesterday I posted about Christmas songs in different languages, and now it’s time to wish you a very happy Christmas, again in a few different languages! So…. Miilaad Majiid (Arabic), Joyeux Noël (French), Frohe Weinachten (German), Buon Natale (Italian), Meri Kurisumasu (Japanese), Shèng dàn kuài lè (Mandarin), Feliz Natal (Portugese), Feliz Navidad (Spanish), and finally(…)

Christmas songs

Christmas is pretty ubiquitous in the Western world, with Christmas songs being especially difficult to avoid. Having spent the last few Christmases overseas, I’ve been interested to hear songs in different languages. For example, in New Zealand there are Maori versions of many traditional carols, such as Märie te pö (Silent Night). Another popular favourite(…)

Speak Google

Google is one of the most widely used search engines in the world. It’s so popular, that “google” (as in “google it”) became an dictionary-recognised verb in 2006. But what about if you’re overseas and want to tell someone to “just google it already?” If they speak English, you’re in luck. If they don’t, you(…)

What’s the easiest foreign language to learn?

So you want to learn a foreign language, but don’t want to work too hard at it? Then one of these languages might be for you! If you’re a native English speaker, then apparently these languages are the ‘easiest’ to learn. 1. Afrikaans 2. French 3. Spanish 4. Dutch 5. Norweigan 6. Portuguese 7. Swedish(…)

LinkedIn profile buzzwords

Many people now have LinkedIn profiles – and there are many ways to describe yourself and your skills. It seems that “creative” is the most popular way though. LinkedIn has released its list of top 10 buzzwords on the site, with “creative” topping the list. 1. Creative 2. Organizational 3. Effective 4. Motivated 5. Extensive(…)