Monthly Archives: February, 2013

Learn and browse with Flewent

If you use Chrome as your browser, you could kill two birds with one stone and learn a language while perusing your favourite websites. Flewent is a plugin for Chrome that will translate words on a webpage into a different language, meaning you can pick up new words in your target language as you read.(…)

Little translation mistakes = big problems

Speaking two or more languages is a great thing. But it doesn’t mean you have the ability to translate between them accurately – as we’ve seen this month, some words in other languages don’t have an English equivalent, for example. Mental Floss has some examples from new book Found in Translation to show just how(…)

Untranslatable words

Have you ever felt really lazy, so lazy you can’t be bothered to do anything, go anywhere? Well, that feeling has a word – viitsima. But only in Estonian. A former student at the Royal College of Art in London amassed words from other languages we don’t have in English. The Taiwanese design student collected(…)

Do you live in a happy place?

A new study analysing tweets has found that Napa, California is the happiest city in the US. Researchers found that tweets originating in the city had more happy words than other places, including beauty, hope and food. Coming in last is Beaumont, Texas, whose tweeters apparently swear a lot. The happiest state is Hawaii with(…)

The Love Point

Today is Valentine’s Day, and whilst you contemplate whether to pay full-price for candy today or wait until it’s discounted, why not also think about some obscure punctuation marks? The one that is particularly relevant today is the Love Point, which looks a little like two question marks facing each other. Proposed in 1966 by(…)

Oscar nominees

It’s awards season at the moment, and the Oscars are fast approaching. “What’s this got to do with language learning?” I hear you ask. Well, watching foreign films is a great way to brush up on your language skills. And why not do this by watching something Oscar-worthy? The five nominees this year are: No(…)

How hard is it to be multilingual?

Not as hard as you’d think, according to new studies. And even easier if you’re already bilingual. According to one study, learning a language is much like lifting weights to build muscle – the more you effort you put in, the better the results. The skills you learn whilst becoming bilingual can be applied to(…)