Monthly Archives: October, 2013

Article, Listicle, or Blog?

No, this isn’t the first in a series of twenty questions, it’s an inquiry into how we prefer to read news and digest other printed media while surfing the Internet. Since the way we use the internet can say a lot about us, let’s look at the good, the bad and the ugly for three(…)

The Secret Language of the Medical World

Doctors, nurses and various other medical staff: I love them. Not only do they do things I could never dream of being able to do, they also have their very own language. You would probably recognise some of the many abbreviations and slang words designed to avoid constant use of lengthy medical terms. What you(…)

Listen and Learn (the Lyrics)

Music is dear to many people and we often use lyrics for personal inspiration. Sometimes we get the irresistible urge to let the pipes loose and sing along to our favorite songs, even if we may miss a word here or there. It wouldn’t be such a bad thing if it was relegated to amateur(…)

Effing and Blinding: Exploring Expletives

&@!# Somehow, although this collection of characters contains no actual letters, it’s an expletive. A curse, a swear word, a naughty word. Most people who are even vaguely internet savvy will recognize this keyboard smash as a censored swear word, though you’ll have to have a guess at which of the multitude of four letter words I’m(…)

The Baddest Banned Books

Politics, sex and religion are probably the three worst topics for a polite dinner party. They’re also the three biggest reasons books are still challenged and eventually banned today. First, what’s the difference between a challenge and a ban? A challenge, usually made by parents or political officials with their underwear in a twist, is(…)

Twerking and Derping into the Dictionary

Would your friends be confused if your only comment concerning the recent government shutdown was derp!? Have you ever felt embarrassed while explaining what it means to have a food baby? Well fret no more! You can now smugly remind everyone who has raised an eyebrow at your choice of vocabulary that these words are(…)

Stolen and Morphed: English Words in Other Languages

We all know that English is chock full of loan words – we’ve stolen words from just about every language there is, from German to Hindi. However, it’s also no secret that other countries haven’t been impervious to the influence of the English language. Not all too long ago it would have been incredibly hard(…)

Keep French French – Say ‘Non’ to English Words!

A few English words scattered through the French language makes it just that little bit easier for me and other non-French speakers when in France. Need somewhere to park the car? Look for le parking. Hungry? Un sandwich will fill you up. That shop is closed at le weekend. You can send me the details(…)