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8 Mistakes Tourists Make When Traveling to Peru

Peru is rich in the beauty and culture of South America, making it a very popular tourist destination. However, there are some things people should avoid doing when traveling there.  Remember to keep your wits about you and be aware of your surroundings, and Peru can be an amazing place to visit. While in the(…)

Essential Advice for Novice Language Teachers

If you’re a language teacher who’s just starting out, it’s hard to know what to expect. You might be nervous — are you really prepared to take on your first class? Do you really know what you’re doing? Take a deep breath! These are common worries that all beginner teachers face. Our language-teaching pros have(…)

Eskimos Have 50 Words for Snow & Other Linguistic Myths Busted

Simple misconceptions about other languages, cultures, and societies are nothing new to the world, nor to the World Wide Web. Most of the public’s confusion about the subject of other languages is usually started by misunderstandings in translations and cultural differences of perception. Eskimos Have 50 Words for Snow One of the most well-known differences(…)

A New Look at Old Languages: The Indo-European Language Tree

The scholars that have studied the origins of the human vernacular have been of two minds in history; the faction that believes in the cultural scenario of the advancement of human speech, and the stalwarts who believe in the biological scenario of the evolution of language. The Cultural Scenario This is the belief that language(…)

6 Top Hostels in Ecuador –Ready to Welcome You With Open Arms (and a Comfy Bed!)

In many aspects, Ecuador is a backpacker’s dream. This is one of the countries in Latin America where you’ll be able to put your skills in thriftiness to good use and can make your dollar go far. In fact, you will literally be using dollars while vacationing in Ecuador–they dropped the native sucre and made(…)