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Do you know these other-than-Christmas December festivities?

Christmas is not the only December festivities there is. Have you ever heard about these?

With Christmas trees, cards, gift wrap, and just about every other piece of Christmas paraphernalia out there, it’s easy to think that Christmas is the only holiday celebrated in December. Easy, but wrong! Here are some of the other December festivities taking place around the world; do any inspire you to travel?   Hanukkah  (…)

The 6 most important Christmas markets in the world

Do you know about these amazing Christmas markets from around the world? Click here to find out what they are!

Christmas markets might be one of the highlights of December for many people, despite us knowing that everything on those stalls is overpriced! If you’re looking for somewhere to soak up the festive atmosphere in there is no place better than a Christmas market; here are some of our favourites from around the world.  (…)

5 awesome Netflix recommendations for Portuguese learners

Portuguese media has a much more limited range on Netflix than some of the other languages we’ve looked at so far, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t use it to practice the language! Here are some of the best suggestions for things to watch in both European and Brazilian Portuguese. Enjoy!   Miraculous: Tales of(…)