Brian Armstrong

“Basta” with Formal Speech: Top 10 Italian Slang Terms

Slang as a part of any language can be quite fascinating. Not only does it hold valuable cultural material, but it also preserves language in its most vulgar (raw) state. Slang is used in every language around the world and learning even just the very basics makes it an essential part of participating in any(…)

Japanese slang terms used in daily life (Part I)

The Japanese language can seem very rigid and formal. It is steeped in tradition and strict rules of acknowledgment of social status. These aspects of speaking Japanese can be lost on native English speakers who are not used to these seemingly rigid and unbending codes of linguistic conduct. But one would be very surprised to(…)

5 Untranslatable Korean Idioms and Proverbs

If there was a computer translation application that had the ability to enter in and adjust language for its cultural differences, it would be much easier to properly translate the Korean idiom of, “A dog with feces scolds a dog with husks of grain“ (똥묻은개가겨묻은개나무란다). If this were the case, the well-known Korean idiom would(…)

Italy’s Top 5 Foodie Favorites

Italy, the long boot-shaped European peninsula has a rich language, culture, and history. It is a stunningly beautiful and exciting vacationing spot, full of notable landmarks. For foodie fans in particular, the famous Italian cuisine is one of the many traditional aspects of its culture that must be explored when visiting the country. Listed below(…)

Top 5 Mistakes Students Learning Japanese Make

Learning the Japanese language is no more, nor no less difficult, than learning any number of other different foreign languages. Now when it comes to learning a given method that works best for a certain language, the methodologies are as individual as the person(s) who are learning it. One prevailing fact, which is a reliable(…)

Japanese slang terms used in daily life (Part II)

If you checked Part 1 of our list of Japanese slang terms and you are still eager for more Japanese expressions to say to your friends (and not so firneds, maybe) don’t miss the following surprising ways this strict language has bend! N Nani utten no? – 何売ってんの – This bit of slang is something you also(…)

Foreign Language Grammar vs. Vocabulary: What’s More Important?

When learning a foreign language, for whatever reason mistakes are going to be made. Which of those are worse – grammar or vocabulary? And which is more important to learn, initially? Grammar’s role in speaking a foreign language Grammar is an important aspect of speaking a foreign language. Language is a system that is defined(…)

South Korea – More to See Than the DMZ: 3 Tourist Hotspots

Travelers looking for the iconic history and the gracefulness of Asia might not immediately think of South Korea. Westerners tend to envision the bloody war that our fathers and grandfathers fought in, and endless miles of barbed wire fences, land mines, and soldiers in a perpetual military standoff, rather than ancient temples, beautiful parks, modern(…)