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Cooper Pickett

How To Drink Beer Like A Brazilian | #WorldCup


The 2014 World Cup is in Brazil, and whether you’re in the stands or watching from home, it’s time to enjoy the game like a Brazilian: with a nice, very cold beer. Brazilians have a refreshing approach to beer that’s different from their North American fellows and ideal for the hot days of summer. Whether(…)

Sound Smart At The World Cup With These Essential Brazilian-Portuguese Phrases


Brazilians do not speak a lot of English, but they’re fun and friendly. They’ll work with you and help you out. They won’t hold it against you that you don’t speak Portuguese. In fact, they’ll take it as a given that you don’t and they’ll appreciate any effort you make.

The Language Skills of Tennis’ Top Players


For players on tour, the ATP schedule has them globe-trotting most of the year. Tennis is a global game, and the top players come from all over the world. Between the diversity of game’s top players and the international schedule, there’s plenty of opportunity for language learning. Not to mention that if you win a(…)