Heather Keagan

Will English Still Be The Lingua Franca In The EU? #Brexit

Europe is still reeling from the effect of #brexit, but is the English Language in jeopardy? A few weeks ago, Britain held a referendum to decide whether it should remain within the EU or whether it should leave. In awe, 49% of the country woke up to the disappointing news that the other 51% voted(…)

Top German Slang Words & Phrases

Familiarize yourself with slang and you’ll sound like a local! Let’s face it, not everyone goes around speaking Hochdeutch (high German) so the more slang you learn, the more you’ll understand and be understood! Incorporate these keys words and phrases into your repertoire to help you get started on the right path: This one essentially(…)

Top English Idioms and Proverbs

English: quite possibly one of the strangest languages in the world for second-level language learners. When native speakers pepper their sentences with idioms, it’s easy to get lost and confused. We explain the more common –and confusing– sayings here to help you understand and enter English’s more complex, less-covered linguistic territory. Now, before you think you need to(…)

Top 7 German Survival Phrases

There are over 100 million native German speakers in the world. That’s a lot of opportunity if you’re just starting out your German studies! With a little knowledge of the language, you can snag that dream job, talk to that handsome stranger, or at the very least order train tickets to Frankfurt! German may seem(…)

Rock Out and Learn a Language! 5 Bands For German Music Fans

Learning a language isn’t always easy, and sometimes finding extra practice on your own can be a bit challenging. An easy way to get in some extra work without boring yourself into a language coma, is by listening to music in the language you’re studying. It’s an easy way to learn more about popular culture,(…)

Korea’s Best Parties: 3 Not-to-be-Missed Festivals and Events

What do you know about Korea? Sure maybe you’ve heard of kimchi, but would you know much more? A land filled with pretty interesting culture and rich history, it also has some amazing festivals to take part in. Whether you speak tons of Korean, or your Korean level is pretty mediocre, you’ll get more out of parties(…)

4 Incredible Russian Idioms

A penny for your thoughts? In English we have a ton of different idioms that sound a little ridiculous. The same is true for other languages, especially if you’re approaching them as a language learner.  Listening to native speakers use proverbs and idioms in natural speech can throw you off, like when they say something that(…)

Oh Mio Dio! Phrases and Gestures to Avoid Using in Italy.

Italy is an amazing country to explore and visit, especially if you’re learning the language. You’ll have more than enough opportunities to practice a few key phrases while drinking a caffé or chowing down on some delicious antipasti. Coming from North America, you may find some cultural differences in Italy that are hard to adjust(…)

Uruguay: Why it Should be on Every Tourist’s Travel List

Uruguay, positioned perfectly between Argentina and Brazil, seems to often be overshadowed by its giant neighbours. It ranked quite low on the world tourism scales, with only 2.6 million tourists in 2013. Comparably, it was dwarfed by the United States with over 69 million tourists. But why? With an amazing amount to offer anyone wanting to(…)

4 Of The Most Terrifying Must-See Korean Horror Movies

  Korean horror films are some of the weirdest and goriest mash of paranormal events, family relationships and amputations you will ever see. That being said, there are some definite gems mixed in with the strange. We’ve compiled a list of 4 amazing Korean horror movies for you to sink your teeth into (from the(…)