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The Complete List of Handy Dutch Phrases You’ll Need in The Netherlands


Thinking about where to go on your next holiday? With its iconic windmills, gorgeous fields, and wonderful canals, The Netherlands is a great choice you may want to consider. Worried about your Dutch level? Don’t be. By learning a few core phrases (Dutch expressions that make up the majority of everything Dutch people say every day),(…)

The Best Tamil Movies Sorted by Genre: Learn Tamil While Having Fun!

The Tamil language, which is mainly spoken in India, Sri Lanka, Singapore, and Malaysia, is a very special language indeed. Thought to have been born before 500 BC, it’s definitely one of the oldest languages in the world. But how beautiful is it? Well, the answer lies in its very name, as “Tamil” can also(…)

6 Must-See Italian Movies for Italian-Lovers


Since the beginning of cinema, Italian movies have stood out thanks to unmatched visuals, complex set designs, and lavish costumes. As of 2021, Italy has obtained 14 Academy Awards in the Best Foreign Film category, 12 Palmes d’Or (the most important award at the Cannes Film Festival), and innumerable Golden Globes, Lions, and Bears. Italian(…)

Swedish Pronunciation: What You Can Do to Improve Your Accent


So, you’ve been studying Swedish for a while. You have no trouble at all with Swedish tenses, you’ve memorized a huge list of Swedish idioms, and even your writing is getting better. Why is it, then, that some Swedish people don’t understand you when you speak? Most probably, the problem is your pronunciation. Conquering the(…)

The Trick to English Mastery: Core English Words You Must Know


Do you sometimes worry that you will never be able to learn all the English words out there? We have both bad and good news for you. The bad news is that you’re right. You won’t learn every word ever coined in English. But you know what? The good news is you don’t need to. After all,(…)

4 Best Chinese Movies for People Who Like Bad Films


If you’ve seen The Room or Sharknado, you know that nothing is more memorable than a disastrously bad movie. Much like a cheesy but irremediably catchy jingle, B movies sneak past your tolerance limits to bad taste and stay for good. For that reason, what better resource to learn languages than a bad movie? Whether it’s(…)

What to Watch After Parasite? 8 Mind-Bending Korean Movies on Netflix


By now, everyone has heard about Parasite, the Bong-Joon-ho-directed film that took home the Best Foreign Language Film AND the Best Film Awards at the 2020 Oscars. But the world of Korean movies is much bigger than you might think. In fact, Korea has a long cinematic tradition of creating inventive and sometimes disrupting films,(…)

An Overview Arabic Pronunciation: Tips to Help You Speak Clearly


How to Improve Your Arabic Pronunciation Study the sounds of Arabic using the guide below Expose yourself to the language Watch movies and imitate the dialogs Record yourself Take classes with a qualified native speaker   Learning a language that has a different alphabet from your own can be very challenging. So challenging, that you(…)

Everything You Need to Know About Afrikaans


Even if you’ve never heard about Afrikaans, you might have guessed that it’s a South African language. However, as with most languages, there’s much more to Afrikaans than meets the eye. Afrikaans was born in Africa from its parent language — Dutch —, but nowadays it’s spoken in places such as Namibia, Botswana, and even(…)

4 Binge-Worthy Turkish TV Series To Freshen Up Your Listening Skills


Do you sometimes wonder what you can do to learn Turkish better? As with any other language, the answer is easy. If you want to improve your listening skills and gain fluency in Turkish, you need to immerse yourself as much as you can in the language. The best way to do this, of course,(…)