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Juan Nario

WordReference Spanish: 4 Ways to Make the Most of this Amazing Website


When it comes to Spanish vocabulary learning, WordReference Spanish is, well, a reference point for most people. WordReference offers an extensive Spanish-English dictionary, of course, but unlike traditional dictionaries, this website goes even further in helping English speakers learn Spanish vocabulary by including rare or informal usage of Spanish words; clear, up-to-date sample sentences; and(…)

4 Ways in Which You Can Learn Languages with YouTube


As a Spanish and English teacher, I am always asked the same questions. “Can I improve my speaking skills by playing video games?” Can I achieve a great accent just by listening to music and singing along to the songs? Today, we are going to answer one such question: Can you learn languages with YouTube?(…)

Spanish Pronouns: A Concise Guide


When we speak in English, we use pronouns all the time. For example, we say things like “she is mad”, “the cake is mine“, and “who is that?”. But, would you be able to say what a pronoun is, how many types of pronouns there are, and give a few examples? This is precisely what(…)

3 Grammatical Differences Between English and Spanish


Without a doubt, Spanish is one of the easiest languages to learn for English learners. And, despite the grammatical differences between English and Spanish, the two languages present a lot of similarities. First, there are lots of core words that are very similar (if not identical) in both languages, such as moment – momento; honest(…)

Common Thai Phrases for All Occasions


Did you know that Thailand’s official nickname is The Land of Smiles? After visiting this breathtakingly beautiful country last summer, I can confirm that this is an apt description of the stunning Southeast Asian country, known for its lush jungles, vibrant cities, and happy people. From the bustling streets of Bangkok to the pristine beaches(…)

Learn Spanish with Your Favorite Mexican Singers


If I asked you to think about your Spanish teacher at school, how would you describe them? In my case, my Spanish teacher was a kind-faced woman who always carried a tape recorder from classroom to classroom. She would play popular songs from Mexican singers that she knew we loved (Luis Miguel was all the(…)

5 Original Christmas Presents for Language Lovers


Can you hear the bells? Christmas is just around the corner! If you’re anything like us, you’re probably scrambling to find the perfect Christmas presents for your loved ones already. And, what better way to show your love than with a language-related gift? By giving away Christmas presents that promote language learning, you can help(…)

What Are the Top 4 Languages for Business?


Have you ever wondered “what are the top 4 languages for business?” With the globalization of the economy and the prevalence of technology in the global market, more and more businesses are conducted across borders. And, according to experts, this trend will only continue as companies look to tap into new physical and digital markets(…)

Why Learn a Foreign Language Online?


In today’s world, technology has become increasingly prevalent in our everyday lives. From the way we communicate with each other, to the way we conduct business, it seems the reach of technology will only increase in the near future. This is certainly true in the fascinating world of language teaching and learning. With the advent(…)

Everything You Need to Know About the Cambridge Proficiency Test in English (CPE)


The Cambridge Proficiency English Exam (CPE) is an international English language test in English for candidates who want to demonstrate their ability to use English at the university level. It is developed by the University of Cambridge, and is the most advanced of all five Cambridge exams. Based on the guidelines provided by the Common(…)