Justine Healey

Why One-to-One Chats Matter


Why is it so important to engage in one-to-one conversation when learning a new language?

How Men and Women Learn Languages Differently

Language Learning

We uncover the differences in the way boys and girls learn languages—and how these lessons can this be transferred to adulthood.

How To Make The Perfect International World Cup Song


The FIFA 2014 World Cup has inspired artists around the world, resulting in some catchy tunes! So what makes a perfect World Cup song and music video? Watch the Top 10 FIFA World Cup Songs on YouTube, and just try not to be amped and ready for the event and all the action it brings.(…)

How to Celebrate a Goal in 15 Languages

Football in goal

If you want to join in with the World Cup, and use it as an opportunity to learn a language along the way, listening to commentary in a different language can get you started.

Brazilian Kids Befriend US Retirees to Improve Their English: Why Conversation is Crucial for Language Learning


Reading and writing are key elements of the language learning process, but speaking is just as if not more important. Learning to speak a new language takes practice, confidence, and — most essentially — two-way interaction.  A touching video case-study that pairs Brazilian kids with elderly Americans illustrates how meaningful conversation is the best teaching tool.