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4 Great TV and Radio Shows for Learning Portuguese

Learning Portuguese? Why not use TV and radio shows to help your studies? Click here to discover the best TV and radio shows to learn Portuguese!

Looking for some new ways to practice Portuguese? Why not try radio and TV? Whether you watch and listen purely for immersion while you work or study, or fit programs in as a way of learning, radio and TV can be a fun and effective way to help you learn. Here are some suggestions for(…)

4 good reasons to study Spanish in Guadalajara


Are you learning Spanish? Do you want to give yourself the full experience of learning by immersing yourself in a Spanish speaking city? You have plenty to choose from! With 20 countries around the world speaking Spanish as an official language, there are so many places you could go. How about Guadalajara in Mexico? Here(…)

The 4 best places to visit in Ecuador


Ecuador is a beautiful South American country situated between Columbia and Peru, with a climate that varies wildly by altitude. Because of its position on the equator, Ecuador has very little variation in daylight hours throughout the year, meaning sunrise is always around six in the morning and sunset around six in the evening. So(…)

4 good reasons to learn Spanish in Guanajuato


Want to really get to grips with your Spanish? There is no better way to pick up a language than to immerse yourself in it. And with twenty countries in the world which speak Spanish as an official language, you are spoilt for choice about where to go! What about Mexico? What about the beautiful(…)

What volunteering opportunities are there in Bolivia?


Learning Spanish? One of the best ways to really pick up a language is to immerse yourself in it, preferably in a location where it is spoken as a native language. Since Spanish is spoken as an official language in twenty countries around the world you have plenty of places to choose from. So where(…)

Top four places to visit in Peru


Peru is a fascinating country to visit. From the beauty and history of Machu Picchu to its cities filled with colonial architecture, there is plenty to see and do. And from a more practical way of looking at things, by being in Peru you can more quickly improve your Spanish. There is little better way(…)

What volunteering opportunities exists in Brazil?


If you are learning Portuguese, what better way to pick up the language than by being in a place that speaks the language? Brazil is the perfect example; how wouldn’t you pick up Portuguese while exploring this beautiful country? Though exploring can be expensive! So how about doing a little volunteering in Brazil to help(…)

4 good reasons to learn Spanish in Cusco


Learning Spanish? If you really want to get to grips with the language fast, learning Spanish in a country where it is spoken will really speed things up for you! And with 20 countries around the world having Spanish as an official language, you have a lot of places to choose from! Why not start(…)

Oscars: What Parasite’s win means for international cinema


Bong Joon-Ho‘s Parasite added an Oscar win of Best Picture to its growing number of awards. We could be blase about this achievement; what is one more award in the scheme of things when a movie is already so widely liked? Though an Oscar win is a big deal; even if Bong Joon-Ho (rightfully) referred(…)

4 good reasons to learn Spanish in Salamanca


If you are learning a language and want to become fluent quickly, one of the best things you can do is truly immerse yourself in it. Say you’re learning Spanish; there are twenty countries in the world with Spanish as an official language. How quickly could you pick it up if you were in one(…)