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Laura Ellis

8 Chinese Idioms to Impress Native Speakers


Every language has its own quirky sayings and expressions, but Mandarin has its own system of traditional idioms. They’re called chengyu and usually consist of four characters, which is why they’re often called four-character idioms. These chengyu aren’t the only idioms in Chinese, and while most come from ancient literature, they’re still common today. Although(…)

Standardized World Languages – Yay or Nay?


You’re probably familiar with the big question of whether, in the modern world where contact with other countries is not only possible, but necessary, we should have a common language between us – and if we should, what should it be? But even within the same country there is often a question of whether the(…)

4 Essential Phrases for Travelers in Greece


There’s so much to explore in Greece, with a varied mainland and thousands of islands. Greek people are very proud of their language and culture and appreciate it when people make an effort to speak Greek. Your experience there can only be improved by learning some of the language before you go, but after you’ve(…)

4 Steps to Getting Married in Mexico


Wedding planning is never easy. Arranging a wedding in a country other than your own can be downright terrifying. But once you’ve decided where to get married in Mexico, it’s time to start organizing. Here is a list of all the legal requirements for your Mexican wedding to help it go off without a hitch!(…)

5 Reasons to Take on a Study Abroad Semester in Paris!


Choosing to study abroad is a big decision and a tough one to make. There are lots of things to weigh up: how well you know or can get to know the language, whether you can afford it and if you’re going to miss home too much. However, studying in a foreign country is a(…)

5 Places for Family Fun in Munich


Germany’s third-largest city and capital of Bavaria, Munich, may not immediately seem particularly child-friendly, but there are plenty of activities that make for a fun family day out. From zoos and museums to boating in the park or flying across a stadium on a zip-wire, there’s something for a sunny day or a rainy day(…)

The 7 Weirdest College Courses in the World


Access to university education was once extremely limited, in some countries only availableto rich, white men. Now many more people are able to go to college and more students has meant a wider diversity of courses in recent years. Gone are the days of simple English, History and Physics degrees. Now we welcome all sorts of(…)

7 Great Places to go to in Greece


Whether you’re a party animal, a beach bum, a family with children or a history buff, we’re sure to find the perfect place for you in Greece. Stretching across three seas (Aegean, Mediterranean and Ionian), Greece has the longest coastline on the Mediterranean Basin and thousands of islands. 1. Athens Greece’s capital and largest city(…)

4 Places to Throw a Wedding Party in Mexico

Next to your choice of partner and the loved ones you invite to witness your union, the location of the wedding is high on the list of priorities for most couples. If you’re marrying a Mexican national or planning on a destination wedding, you might be considering Mexico. Well, look no further for the perfect(…)

4 ‘Dead’ Languages You Should be Learning


 With such a diversity of languages around the world, it’s easy to forget that a few centuries, or many centuries, ago everything was very different. There are an estimated 7,000 languages spoken today – that’s an overwhelming thought, without taking into account everyone who came before us. Below are some late, great languages that had(…)