Mishka Grobler

Full Immersion Italian Lessons in Esino Lario, Italy


Here at Listen & Learn we enjoy receiving feedback from both students and teachers. Upon finding out that one of our teachers offers both courses and the chance to stay in an Italian village near Lake Como, we decided it was time to hear from her: Ciao a tutti, bonjour! I’m Alessandra a bilingual teacher.(…)

A Tourist’s Top 7 Things to Do in South Africa


Can you hear the call? See the sun rising up over the savannah? Picture Rafiki raising a little lion cub in his arms above the animal kingdom? While you won’t necessarily feel like you’re on the set of The Lion King, I can safely say South Africa won’t disappoint. The country is a motley collection(…)

Does the Name Make the Man? A Look at Nominative Determinism

My high school physiology classes consisted of countless lessons involving the study of how the human body works, the ins out outs of it all, how things operate, how things don’t. Appropriate then, when you consider my teacher was a Doctor Payne, complete with a dentist for a daughter. True story. The question, however, is:(…)

Thieving Englishmen, Go Steal Some More Words


Anyone who has spoken a second (or third or fourth) language has been faced with that one beautifully tricky word that just won’t translate into any other. In Afrikaans, if you’re feeling sickly, you would say you feel naar, where the closest English translation is nauseous. Go on, Google Translate this baby – typing it(…)

Flash Mobs and Hopheads Explained: From Slang to the OED


  Addiction. Bedazzled. Eyeball. Fashionable. Swagger. Uncomfortable. These are all perfectly familiar words, right? There’s something else they have in common however – yes, they might have all been associated with Kate Moss at some point in her career, but more importantly, they were all coined for the first time by none other than William(…)

Afrikaans – Another Language Kicking the Bucket?


Touching down on South African soil is a rare and cherished occurrence for me, being the wandering vagabond of the family. Every time I do, I’m met with those pleasant familiarities – the smell of meat on the braai (South African barbeque), the heat rising off the ground in waves (I try to only go(…)

Catchy, Crazy Phrases


As a native speaker, one rarely stops to think about what it literally is that we’re expelling from of our mouths. We talk about ‘getting up on the wrong side of the bed, and being ‘under the weather’. To be honest, before it even starts we should decide whether we want to ‘call it a(…)