Nicole Eberhard

Talking to Our Computers: The Rise of Natural Language Search


Cast your mind back to the late nineties, if you’re old enough, with the sound of your dial-up internet connecting as background music. You open AskJeeves and enter a question into the search bar: “Who are the spice girls?” While AskJeeves may have faded in relevance in the face of the giant of all search(…)

Why Cursing Feels So Damn Good


We’ve all let out an expletive (or five) when bashing a knee into the corner of the table or standing on a piece of lego. It’s a knee-jerk response, and let’s face it, it feels good. But did you know that not only is swearing in these situations sweetly satisfying, it also helps relieve the(…)

7 Gestures to Avoid in China


China holds a lot of mystique for many travellers, as an exotic Eastern land, with a completely different language, alphabet system, and culture. These differences can make it quite daunting, especially when it comes to communicating. Whether you speak Chinese or not, it is important to remember that non-verbal communication is just as important as(…)

The 5 Easiest Things About Learning Dutch


  If you’re thinking about learning Dutch, you’ll be happy to hear that Dutch is a fairly easy language to learn for English speakers. This is because Dutch and English are both Germanic languages and thus have similar roots. Of course, if you’re travelling to or moving to the Netherlands, the majority of Dutch people(…)

Top French Survival Phrases


Heading off to France soon? Don’t get on the plane before you know some basic French survival phrases. It’s no secret, after all, that there is tension between the French and the English, and for that reason, speaking in English doesn’t always get you the friendliest response. But if you make an effort to speak(…)

Top French Food and Drink


Think about French food and you’ll probably be thinking about croissants, crêpes, cheese and some quality wine to wash it down. If you’re more gastronomically curious, French food is likely to be solidly on your radar as the epitome of classic cooking and fine dining. Any well respecting cook has at least one French cookbook(…)

Top Portuguese Survival Phrases


Planning a holiday to Portugal? Or maybe you want to hit the beaches of Brazil or Mozambique. Either way, you’re going to need some basic Portuguese phrases before you go to help you interact with the locals. Learn Portuguese before you travel | debarshiray, Flickr If you already know another latin language like Spanish, some(…)

Reading Translated Books: What You Might be Missing


The rise of the translation industry has opened up a whole new world of literature. We’re able to enjoy more texts than ever in a multitude of languages. This has made world literature a far more inclusive place and has enriched the reading experiences of readers across the globe. However, as great as it is(…)