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Sarah-Jane Williams

Top 10 Phrases to Learn Before Your Trip to Thailand


Whilst many bars, restaurants, accommodations, and attractions will have English speaking staff in the major tourist areas, you may run into problems in more off the beaten track and rural destinations in Thailand if you cannot speak a little bit of the local language. Some key points to remember are that if you are male(…)

Top 10 Places to Visit in Mexico


Mexico is a popular holiday destination and attracts those interested in history, nature, culture, and relaxing on beautiful beaches.  There are plenty of things to do and see in there. Here are some of the top 10 places to visit in Mexico: 1. Cancun Cancun, and its surrounding areas such as Cozumel and the Maya(…)

14 Mistakes Tourists Make in Japan


Japan is a terrific place to visit, and one where the local population is generally fairly tolerant of cultural faux pas made by foreigners, known in Japanese as gaijin-san.   There are 14 common mistakes, however, that are easily avoided when in Japan.  A little bit of cultural knowledge can go a long way at fitting(…)

Top 10 Japanese Songs To Dance To


Music is often called the universal language. It bridges cultures and reaches all, with melodies and harmonies that can both soothe and excite the soul without understanding a single word of what is being sung! There are various different musical genres in Japan, with traditional sounds, dance, J-Pop, indie, and all other types of music,(…)

Top 10 Towns for Tourists in Thailand


Thailand is crammed with stunning landscapes, gorgeous nature, ancient temples, and interesting attractions, and it also has a long and varied history and a rich and vibrant culture.  From the spectacular beaches and islands of the South, to the soaring mountains of the North, Thailand really does offer something for all. It pays to learn(…)

10 Cities and Towns to Visit in Brazil


South America’s Brazil is not only the biggest country in the continent, but is also one of the most popular for visitors.  It has different varied landscapes and a plethora of incredible attractions.  Combining world-class beaches, pristine rainforests, lively cities, a passion for football, exciting carnivals, and more, a trip to Brazil is like no(…)

8 Top French TV Shows


Watching foreign TV is a terrific way to improve your language skills, see how simulated everyday communication unfolds, and learn more about the French culture and way of life. Whether you are learning the lingo or simply interested in French TV, here are some of the best French TV shows to watch: 1. Asterix Although(…)

10 Japanese Movies You Should Have Seen Already


Japan has created many excellent movies, spanning almost every genre. A major craze to emerge from Japan was anime – animated movies.  Anime is incredibly popular in Japan, and was later unleashed on the world, creating a unique and intriguing form of movie. Manga also comes from Japan. With so many great movies to choose(…)

8 No-Nos to Avoid Doing in Germany


Gestures, hand signals, and body language can be a minefield for the uninitiated and a potential cause for misunderstandings and offence when visiting a different culture.  Many societies attach meanings to a range of actions, and you do not want to fall foul of good manners and make a slip when in Germany.  Whether you(…)

Top 10 Places to Visit in Saudi Arabia


Saudi Arabia is famous for several reasons.  It is the heart of Islam, home to two of the world’s most important mosques including the destination for numerous pilgrims each year.  The holy cities of Mecca and Medina are fascinating and revered sites; you can only visit them, however, if you are Muslim.  The modern city(…)