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Tamara Rose Johnson

The Most Difficult Things About Learning Hebrew


Opinions on the difficulty level of learning Hebrew are divided, although generally speaking, the language tends to place pretty high up on the list of the toughest. Don’t be intimidated though. It certainly is not the most brutal of learning curves. However, there are certain quirks that may prove a challenge to new speakers. This,(…)

Hebrew: Survival Phrases  

  Survival phrases can encapsulate a variety of things when in a foreign country and the list can go on and on. To get you started, we’ve compiled a list of emergency phrases and useful words you can use in many situations. Becoming familiar with a handful of essential phrases or questions can really facilitate(…)

Top Israeli Foods You Have to Try

The question of whether there is one distinct category of Israeli food is a hotly contested topic. Israeli food, like many cuisines, incorporates influence from its numerous surrounding countries and cultures, reflecting the movement of people to and from its borders. Drawing ingredients and dishes from the Middle East, the Mediterranean and North Africa, Israeli(…)

Common Mistakes Students of Dutch Make


Dutch is one of the easier languages to learn, especially for native English speakers. As a part of the Germanic branch of the Indo-European languages, it shares some similarities with English. Still, all languages have their learning curves and it’s easy to make common errors. Some mistakes are more easily made than others, and getting(…)

Top Hebrew Slang Words and Phrases


If you’re paying a visit to Israel, learning some slang and common phrases can make bonding with locals that much easier. Slang is great to pick up when learning a new language, as it shows off languages’ unique characteristics and idiosyncrasies. It also reveals location and cultural identities, as often slang springs from specific cities or(…)

Top English Survival Phrases


Learning English on paper can be wildly different from getting used to speaking and understanding, especially when faced with situations where you need information from someone. While your English is still basic, having a few useful phrases in your pocket (so to speak) can be a lifesaver when you’re looking for directions, information or just(…)