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The 7 Strangest Foods to Eat in Spain


If you’re planning a vacation to Spain you probably have a full agenda. If you’re going to Barcelona, a visit to at least one of Gaudi’s architectural masterpieces will surely be a highlight of the trip. Going to Madrid? No doubt you’re excited about visiting a world-class museum of spending the afternoon people watching in(…)

9 Tasty Thai Treats For Kids


If you’re a foodie like me, Thailand is the most wondrous experience on earth for its fresh ingredients, pungent flavors, and fine balance of herbs and spices – but you don’t have to be a grown-up to enjoy it, because their food is for everyone. Although chillies feature predominantly in a lot of their meals,(…)

7 Russian Dishes Your Kids Will Say “Da!” To


When you think of Russia you may not immediately think of five-star restaurants or child-friendly cuisine. In fact, the restaurant style we have of eating, with one course after the other, comes from Russia. Before we used to eat French style, with everything laid out all at once as a buffet. So we have Russia(…)

What National Dishes Say About a Nation


Food can say a lot about a country and its people. National dishes in particular can tell us about a country’s staple foods, how it’s been influenced by different cultures and even how important food is to its people. Unlike national birds, plants or animals, national dishes usually aren’t official in the sense that they’ve(…)

American Beer: A New Kind of Joke


Americans have long been the butt of international jokes concerning beer quality, and rightfully so. For years the most popular American brews tasted like nothing more than water with a slight beer flavoring. While this might be fine for college party binge drinking, it is most certainly not okay for beer lovers. Finally all this(…)

Minding Your Manners Around the World


We’re all raised told what is or isn’t acceptable in polite company, so that when we’re fully grown we don’t really think about all the little things we do (or don’t do) that are considered polite or rude. It’s not until you have to learn to mind your manners in another culture that you realise(…)

Mmmm, delicious!

What does the word haggis conjure in your mind? How about jellied eels? It’s fair to say that British food isn’t renowned for its culinary excellence. In comparison to our European neighbours, the British look pretty badly off, food-wise. But give some of our traditional dishes a chance, and you might be surprised! BBC America(…)

National Coffee Day

It’s National Coffee Day, and over at Wordnik they’re celebrating by exploring the words we use for different types of coffee. According to the National Coffee Day website, there are 111 million coffee drinkers around the world who consume 440 billion cups per year. To be honest, I’m not normally one of them. However, when(…)