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The Tower of Babel, Translation, and Earpiece Technology

The year is some indeterminate point in the future. Gone are our pocket guides teaching us standard phrases to use when we travel abroad. Disappeared are the dual-language signs in restaurants and bars the length and breadth of the world over, that previous have caused us everything from amusement to hilarity with their attempts at(…)

Overlooked Languages: Tools of the Trade

Whether it’s a cup of tea and a slice of cake when you settle down to watch Downton Abbey, or that replica broadsword you wield as you hum, loudly, along with the opening credits of Game Of Thrones (…just us? Oh…), we all have our little routines when it comes to watching our favorite films(…)

How Chinese Activists Communicate Under 25 Years of Censorship Over Tiananmen Square

Twenty five years ago today, the Chinese government deployed 200,000 troops to suppress pro-democracy demonstrators at Tiananmen Square, resulting in the massacre of an estimated 500 to 2,500 people, most of them young students. Tank Man Even if you are too young to remember the incident, you’ll probably recognize the iconic Tank Man photo, simultaneously(…)

Rise of the Twitterbot: A Modern Language App for Good and Evil

Twitter is one of those things that you either get or you don’t. Some see it as a place where everyone spends their time telling people what they’ve eaten for breakfast and others hail it as a great forum for sharing ideas and connecting with people with similar interests. Twitter has been around for nearly(…)

Stolen and Morphed: English Words in Other Languages

We all know that English is chock full of loan words – we’ve stolen words from just about every language there is, from German to Hindi. However, it’s also no secret that other countries haven’t been impervious to the influence of the English language. Not all too long ago it would have been incredibly hard(…)

Keep French French – Say ‘Non’ to English Words!

A few English words scattered through the French language makes it just that little bit easier for me and other non-French speakers when in France. Need somewhere to park the car? Look for le parking. Hungry? Un sandwich will fill you up. That shop is closed at le weekend. You can send me the details(…)

From N00B to 1337: Gamer Talk Dissected

If you’ve ever spent any serious time playing video games, you should be able to translate the title. If not, there’s never been a better time to acclimate yourself with the lingo. Since video games are exponentially evolving in line with Moore’s law, they’re positioned to keep pace with computers and become an increasingly important(…)

Words the Internet gave English

This is a fun article, identifying new words that have come from the Internet and the stories behind them. A personal favourite that I find very useful is number 8: Meh There’s a special place in my heart for the supremely useful three letters of “meh”, which express an almost infinitely flexible contemporary species of(…)