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Banished words

On the flip side of words of the year, there are the obligatory words that should be banished. Lake Superior State University’s been issuing this list for 38 years now, although sadly it’s not had a great effect (people still say baby bump for example). What words and phrases have they deemed unworthy this year?(…)

Words of the year.. from other countries

Yep, it’s not just the Merriam-Webster people who get to decide on a word of the year – other countries have their own version. My favourite from this round-up by Mental Floss is: 8. Ogooglebar, Swedish Instead of picking one word of the year, the Swedes, in their egalitarian way, make a list of all(…)

Word of the Year 2012

It’s the final post of 2012, and what better to write about than the Word of the Year? Or rather, words. Merriam-Webster, America’s oldest dictionary, announced that for the first time two words made it as the word(s) of the year. Described as a “pairing of a kind”, the words are socialism and capitalism. Editor(…)

Diwali: English words from Indian languages

Happy Diwali everyone! I hope you enjoyed the festival of lights, even though I’m a little late in posting about it. I saw this post over at Wordnik on English words that have their roots in Indian languages and thought it was interesting. I was particularly intrigued to find the word ‘thug’ in their list(…)

Is texting ruining the English language?

Do you know your LOL from your TMI or OMG? Are these acronyms creeping in to your everyday English – outside of texting? This interesting infographic shows some staggering stats about texting, including that 8 TRILLION texts were sent in 2011. It also asks the questions “is texting ruining the English language?” and “is texting(…)