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7 Gestures to Avoid in China


China holds a lot of mystique for many travellers, as an exotic Eastern land, with a completely different language, alphabet system, and culture. These differences can make it quite daunting, especially when it comes to communicating. Whether you speak Chinese or not, it is important to remember that non-verbal communication is just as important as(…)

How Knowing Multiple Languages Makes You More Efficient


  Knowing multiple languages confers a lot of benefits. It allows you to connect with an entirely new population of people. It opens up countless professional opportunities, both domestically and abroad. And it expands your horizons, allowing you to more deeply understand a different culture. But the benefits of bilingualism don’t end there. Did you(…)

Languages of love


What do you call that special someone in your life? Many of us have pet names, terms of endearment, that we like to use to promote intimacy. In English we use words like babe, sweetheart, darling, honey.. and so on. But what about in other languages? This Japanese phrase catches my eye for being so(…)

Hawaiian Sign Language

Researchers have for the first time documented Hawaiian Sign Language (HSL). There is written evidence dating back to the 1800s showing the language existed but it is now spoken by only around 40 islanders. In the 1940s it began to be phased out in favour of American Sign Language (ASL). Work to preserve the language(…)

Twitter tribes

If you think Twitter is all people talking about what they just had for lunch, think again. Although food can be a feature of the social network, analysis of millions of tweets has shown that Twitter users form ‘tribes’. These tribes have their own language, and are often based around a community of interest –(…)

Do we still need email signatures?

An interesting article in Slate explores whether we still need email signatures. The author argues that signatures are a hangover from writing letters, and have no place in the modern world. But in 2013, when bots outnumber benefactors by a wide margin, the continued and consistent use of antiquated signoffs in email is impossible to(…)