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5 Amazing Activities For Your Trip To Argentina!


Argentina is the largest Spanish speaking country in Latin America, and is home to over 42 million people. It’s a beautiful country that covers temperatures ranging from tropical to sub polar depending on how North or South you’ve decided to venture. It even has a claim on part of Antarctica! A land of stunning architecture,(…)

3 Stunning Latin American Destinations for Budget Travelers


When most people hear the phrase “vacationing abroad” thoughts of endless spending come to mind. But traveling outside U.S. borders doesn’t have to be a budget-busting experience. In fact, if you take a smart approach in your planning and in your day-to-day spending, travel in Latin America can be much more affordable than you probably(…)

3 Things to Consider When Traveling with Kids in Latin America


Traveling parents who are eager to encourage their kids to explore the world don’t have to go far to do it. From our neighbors just to the south in Mexico, to the inviting people of Nicaragua, to fun-loving friends in Brazil, we have a huge variety of countries and cultures to explore right here in(…)

¡Que Rico! 3 Classic Peruvian Dishes Every Kid Will Love


Peruvian food has gained a lot of attention in the last few years, with chefs, foodies, and casual diners all starting to realize just how tasty this South American country’s cuisine truly is. From the unusual cuy (that’s guinea pig to you and me) to the elegant causa Limeña (potato, avocado, eggs, and other ingredients stacked(…)

Top 7 Spots for an Unforgettable Family Vacation in Cancún!


Despite its party reputation, Cancún makes for a great family vacation destination. Savvy travelers can find amazing deals on everything from airfare to accommodations, and thanks to its status as a classic Spring Break hot spot, there are tons of local activities to choose from. While the college partying crowds arrive for just a short(…)

5 Uniquely Peruvian Foods to Try in the Land of the Incas


While most people know Peru as the Land of the Incas and home to Machu Picchu, it is quickly gaining a reputation for another facet of its culture: the food. From the perspective of a North American, some of Peru’s culinary favorites can seem a little intimidating. Roasted rodent? Skewered heart? Spicy stews so hot(…)

6 ‘Must-Do’s for the Perfect Berlin Itinerary!


How many cities can you name that have been split down the middle with a wall, house one of the most stunning and disquieting Holocaust memorials, and some of the coolest nightclubs you’ve ever been to? The sprawling metropolis of Berlin is a city where you can find fields, lakes and grass as well as(…)

Thailand Tourists: 5 Things Not to Leave Home Without!


Whether it’s Bangkok for action packed, traffic-filled adventures or Koh Tao for a more serene, meditative holiday, Thailand has what you need. The fresh fruit, lovely people, and beautiful beaches make it easy to understand why Thailand is nicknamed ‘the land of smiles’. Backpackers and 4 star hotel enthusiasts will both find exactly what they(…)

5 Must-Know Bartering Tips For the Latin American Traveler


Encompassing 21 countries, Latin America offers something for every type of traveler. Endless beaches, wild nightlife scenes, family-friendly parks, beautiful natural attractions…the list goes on and on. One perk to nearly any Latin American vacation is that travelers will get to do some unique souvenir shopping. From handmade pottery to delicate textiles, and lots more,(…)