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Untranslatable words

Have you ever felt really lazy, so lazy you can’t be bothered to do anything, go anywhere? Well, that feeling has a word – viitsima. But only in Estonian. A former student at the Royal College of Art in London amassed words from other languages we don’t have in English. The Taiwanese design student collected(…)

Your most annoying phrase? Whatever.

Which word or phrase bugs you most? If it’s “whatever”, you’re in good company as Americans have voted it their most annoying word for the fourth consecutive year. The Marist Poll showed that 32% of Americans have this view, closely followed by “like”, at 21%. This figure is slightly down from last year though, when(…)

Adorable words

Yesterday I posted about some despicable words – to counterbalance those, here are a couple of adorable terms for you! Word Spy introduces us to Skype Sleep: v. To create a Skype connection with a faraway partner and then fall asleep together. —Skype sleeping pp. Its earliest use is from late 2010, in the Urban(…)

Despicable words

We all have a word that we really hate. For my brother, it’s “toilet” – he prefers to use “bathroom”, in the American style. The Atlantic Wire has put together a short dictionary of what they call “despicable” words – here are a few examples: arguably. “What, actually, does arguably mean? Indisputable? Able to be(…)

Get your word in the dictionary!

Have you ever wanted to see that special word you and your friends use featured in the dictionary? Now’s your chance! The Collins Dictionary are inviting submissions from the public for the first time. You can submit your word online, and it will go through an evaluation process. If your word is accepted it will(…)

A-Z of unusual words

An interesting project by The Project Twins showcases an alphabet of unusual words. Originally exhibited last year in Dublin, the prints are visual interpretations of words such as acersecomic (a person whose hair has never been cut) and cacodemonomania (the pathological belief that one is inhabited by an evil spirit). One of my favourite words(…)

Stand on the right!

It’s a little less than a week until the start of the Olympic Games, and Londoners are braced for transport chaos. If you’d like to help ease their stress levels, one thing will make a huge difference. That thing is standing on the right on escalators. This simple rule, which you will see on all(…)

Are you a geek?

A friend of mine identifies as a geek; he even worked for the Geek Squad for a while. But some seem the term as derogatory – particularly if going by dictionary definitions. Google’s dictionary defines a geek as “an unfashionable or socially inept person” with a secondary meaning of “a person with an eccentric devotion(…)