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Farsi Lessons in Saint Paul

Our native-speaking qualified Farsi teachers can guide you and your group at your work or at home, at a time convenient to you. Classes can take place on any day of the week - even weekends - morning, afternoon or evening. If needs be, if meeting at your office or home is not suitable, you can take your lessons at the trainer's office. Study materials are supplied for you.

Farsi 1 to 1 General

This set of Farsi tutorials are less specific and more targeted at those who want to get a range of different things from learning Farsi. Even though all novice students will cover survival Farsi: enough Farsi to make a visit to the country or make good contacts with the locals, but what do you do from there? It depends on your needs. Those who have benefitted from these lessons have been those moving or investing overseas, spouses of overseas nationals, people who love to travel all over the world, those interested in Farsi culture, and those who just want to pass a specific examination in Farsi.

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Farsi 1 to 1 Business

These lessons in Farsi are meant for those that feel that learning Farsi would make a change in their work. For starters, it is expedient to learn how to say hello/goodbye, as well as basic business protocol; once the basics have been mastered, reading and writing come to the fore. Students who have greatly benefitted have been involved in import/export, international negotiations and acquisitions, jobseekers in multinational companies where another language is required, and those working in the international academia and government circuits. Even on our most fundamental beginner's lesson, students can anticipate ending the lesson with basic telephone Farsi and e-mail Farsi skills for communicating, as well as survival Farsi if a short visit to the country is needed.

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Farsi Group Lessons

If there are 2 or more of you with the same level of Farsi, the same targets within the language, and be able to study at the same time and location, then you'll be happy to know that these Farsi lessons can also be made available for Two-to-One Farsi Lessons or Small Group In-Company Farsi Lessons. Listen & Learn do not generally recommend classes of more than 6-8 people, although Taster lessons in Farsi can run with up to 12 people. Bookings must be made for all participants at the same time.

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Saint Paul

Count yourself lucky to be able to embark on learning another language in Saint Paul, for this populous capital of Minnesota is brimming with possibilities! Home to a diverse global community, there are an amazing amount of languages on offer to motivated students, international business people and interested individuals. The Saint Paul district boasts over seventy primary languages spoken; how many do you know? It's the perfect time to start your studies afresh or even brush up on your previous linguistic knowledge. Even the city of Saint Paul may have had inauspicious origins as the tavern of a local character known as "Pig's Eye" - but we've all got to start from somewhere! It's the same with studying a new language, you've got to begin at the beginning and then with a little practice with qualified native-speaking teachers, you'll get there without a doubt.


Saint Paul Map


Saint Paul Map
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