As we travel around the world, we don’t only visit new places, taste different flavors or smell scents that were unknown until then but we also interact, meet new people and make new friendships. We may even become part of a new family, either temporarily or permanently. We develop new relationships and thus find ourselves facing new situations in life; some of them transcendental and others more common. These new relationships can often take us by surprise and we find it difficult to fully express ourselves without appearing or sounding strange.

For example, if you were in Greece, would you know what to say to someone on their birthday? How would you greet that person? Would you say "happy day of your saint!...Dimitri", "May your Saint protect you", "blessings" or simply "Happy name's day"?

What would you say when someone gets married, loses a loved one, or becomes a parent? To help you deal with these situations, we have provided you with some suggestions that will allow you to say the right thing when you’re writing a greeting card, giving your condolences or simply wishing someone the best. Here are some phrases appropriate for each place and situation.

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We hope you find these phrases useful in situations where you are unsure of what to say. If you did find them useful, please share them! And if you have another situation we may be able to help you with, just let us know. The right word at the right time will come in handy when it comes to integrating.

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