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505er, one of Albuquerque's favorite slang terms!

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(noun) Anyone who lives in the 505 telephone area code

Carolina: “Hey, you ever think about getting out of the Duke?”

Olivia: “No way Car, I’ll be a 505er for life!”

Carmen: “I love the 505 and all, just sometimes I feel like life’s always the same round here.”

The slang term 505er, which originates from the city’s telephone area code, is a fairly common form of slang all across the United States. Groups routinely identify themselves with the first three digits of their phone number. However, in Albuquerque there is an overwhelming sense of pride in being a 505er and what's different is that the slang term is used by teenagers and adults alike, whereas area code association is generally just for the young in other parts of the country.

A Facebook group, The Albuquerque Awareness Club, shows you how it's done: 


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