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Tamalewood, one of Albuquerque's favorite slang terms!

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(noun) Another name for Albuquerque

This is used in reference to the recent boom in the film industry

Joe: “Hey man, what are you planning on doing after you get out of film school?”

Carl: “I was thinking of getting out of dodge and moving out to L.A.”

Joe: “L.A.? What are you talking about man, you can get a good job right here in Tamalewood!”

Carl: “True that, but I guess I just wanted to see a little of the big world outside of the ABQ.”

Recently the city has been used as the on-site shooting locale for a number of high profile movies and television programs, most notably Breaking Bad, so locals took to calling their town “Tamalewood”, a cross between Hollywood and the Mexican dish tamales.

Andrew Stone shows us how it's done:


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