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Skeezer, one of Boston's favorite slang terms!

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(noun) A promiscuous drug addict, often a prostitute.

Pronounced [SKEE-zuh] Used to describe a woman addicted to drugs who is promiscuous. 

Vinnie: “Look at that hot girl over there.”

Marco: “Stay away from that skeezah.  There ain’t enough penicillin in this town for that.”

Vinnie: “True story, brotha.”

The word “skeezer” is a noun used to describe a person that is promiscuous and suffers from venereal diseases.  It comes from the word “skeezy”, which is the adjective used to describe someone with those qualities.  “Skeezy” is a variant of the word “skeevy”.  It is commonly used in Boston to reference any girl that is slutty.

It is referenced in De La Soul’s song “3 Days Later”.


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