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Scutta-ha, one of Cincinnati's favorite slang terms!

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(noun) An offensive and insulting term, used to mean that somebody is a whore.

It is commonly used in reference to females, by the younger generation.

Benny: “Saw you hanging out with that Roxy chick…”

Kevin: “Yeah – and?  She’s kinda hot.  And kinda cute.”

Benny: “I’ve heard she’s a scutta-ha – been with every guy in town!”

Kevin: “Jealously gets you nowhere dude!”

If a person is referred to as a scutta-ha it means that others have a very low opinion of them – other people believe they are easy, and sleep around.

Scutta-ha is also sometimes spelt with a k, and both versions are sometimes shortened to simply scutta / skutta.

This Twitter user is obviously not feeling the love for the person they are talking about:

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