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Bait, one of Detroit's favorite slang terms!

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(adjective - noun) Unsafe; High profile.

Used to describe a location where someone may be caught by the police, or describe an action/person that may get them into trouble.

TJ: “What up doe? Let’s spark that blunt.”

Damon: “Hell naw, man.  This place be mad bait.”


TJ: “Check that fine ass shawty.”

Damon: “You trippin’.  That shawty’s jail bait.”

“Bait” is used as a way to describe being setup for trouble.  It is used in inner cities like Detroit to warn someone that hanging out in a certain area or engaging in certain activities will alert the police to their activities and likely get them arrested.  Volunteering information about yourself regarding a crime committed is also considered “bait”.

Atmosphere talks about a “jail bait queen” in his song Dreamer:

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