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Tore Up, one of Detroit's favorite slang terms!

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(adjective) Messed Up

Usually pronounced as “toe up”, it is used to describe something that is in a state of disarray.  It can also be intensified by adding “from the floor (pronounced “flow”) up” after it. 

Cheri: “Girl, you see NeNe at the club last night?”

DeShon: “She was tore up from the floor up!”


TJ: “You better put that blunt down or you gonna get tore up.”

Damon: “Ima just hit a bit.  I ain’t gonna toke the whole zone.”

“Tore up” is used to describe something that is a physical or implied mess.  It comes from a reference that something is ripped or torn.  It can be something physical like a messy room or an unkempt person. It can also be used to describe someone that is under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

It is used in Ariok’s piece “Tore Up from the Floor Up” featuring C-Ry.


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