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A-yo, one of Fresno's favorite slang terms!

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(interjection) Hey; How are you?

Used as an informal greeting.

Marcus: “A-yo!  Where are you going?”

Jack: “I’m going to pick up a sandwich for lunch.  I’m starving.”

Marcus: “Sweet.  I’m starving, too.  I’ll tag along with you.”

“A-yo” is a popular way to greet someone or get their attention in Fresno.  It comes from the phrase “hey you”, but is a much shorter and less formal way to say it.  There has been some speculation that it is derived from the Korean word “Anyeong haseyo”, which means hello.  However, that assumption is far-fetched and much less likely than a shortened version of “hey you”.  If Fresno had a high population of Korean residents, this speculation would be far more likely.

Its usage can be seen in the song “Ayo” by Method Man and Redman, feat. Saukrates.



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