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Fo rizzle, one of Fresno's favorite slang terms!

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Fo rizzle
(adjectival phrase) That is true.

Used to indicate that the listener is in agreement with what the speaker is saying.

JJ: “You still coming with me to the show this weekend?  I really need some backup.”

Leroy:  “You know I got you.  I ain’t gonna let you down brotha.”

JJ: “Fo rizzle”

Leroy: "Fo sho"

“Rizzle”, as well as many other words ending in “izzle”, found its origins in ghettos all over the country.  By taking the first letter of a word and replacing the rest with “izzle”, it is a hipper slang way of saying the actual word.  In this case, “rizzle” was coined from the word “real”.  By saying “fo rizzle” you are really saying “for real”.  Rizzle is one of the more popular results of this trend and is still used in places like Fresno.

“Dat’s What I’m Talkin About” by Missy Elliot feat. R. Kelly demonstrates this word perfectly.


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