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Jacked up, one of Fresno's favorite slang terms!

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Jacked up
(phrasal verb) Wrong; disappointing.

Used to show displeasure for something that is very wrong.  Can also be used to state that someone is inebriated.

John: “When Ricky moved to Iowa, he just threw his dog outside and left without him because his new place didn’t take pets.”

Mike: “Oh my God.  That’s jacked up.”

John: “I know right.  It’s like the guy has no soul.”

The term “jacked up” was originally just the word jacked.  The term jacked was originally gleaned from the word hijacked, meaning to steal.  People would use the word jacked to indicate that something was stolen.  Because the usual reaction to news of something being stolen was disappointment and a feeling of being wronged, the term jacked became a way to say that something was very wrong.  In a secondary context, it can also mean that someone is very inebriated.

Gretchen Wilson refers to the term in her song “All Jacked Up”.

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