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Hoshian, one of Indianapolis's favorite slang terms!

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(noun) People who come from the nearby town of Terre Haute.

Terre Haute is around 77 miles from Indianapolis, to the southwest.  

George: Can’t believe you dumped me for that jerk!

Tina: George, get over it.  It was over ages ago.  Leave me alone.

George: But he’s a Hoshian.

Tina: And you’re a dick.

Some people also spell Hoshian as Hautian.  It comes from the pronunciation of the second word in the town’s name.  The town of Terre Haute is often pronounced as Tara Hut or Terry Hut by people from Indianapolis. Hoshian / Hautian is not normally used in a sneering or offensive manner, but simply a way of describing where somebody is from.  The mispronunciations of the town’s name, however, are often deliberate slurs. 

This Facebook user talks about his home town, Terre Haute, and refers to himself as a Hautian:


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