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Actionville, one of Jacksonville's favorite slang terms!

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(noun) A sarcastic nickname for Jacksonville

Usually used by young people who are frustrated with Jacksonville’s lack of nightlife and other entertainment options

Curt: “You all fired up for another exciting Friday night in Actionville?”

Willy: ”It ain’t so bad.”

Curt: “Oh, yeah? What are you up to tonight?”

Willy: “PS3 and microwave popcorn. Alright, you got me, maybe Actionville’s not quite the city that never sleeps.”

While some locals will use Actionville as a term of endearment, the majority of the times that you hear Actionville used as slang it is in a sarcastic tone, generally referring to the relatively low key bar and club scene in the city.

To get an idea of how short they are on entertainment in Jacksonville, check out this video of Captain Actionville:


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