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Rankin’, one of Jacksonville's favorite slang terms!

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(verb) To make fun of someone

Used to give someone a hard time about something; to roast someone to try and be funny

James: “Hey bro, how do you like my new kicks?”

Kei: “They’re pretty dope. Where’d you get ‘em, outer space?”

James: “Ah man, you just be rankin’.”

Kei: “Nah, man, they’re alright. I’m just playing. Not my style, but I’d never rank on you over your kicks.”

Rankin’ is a common slang word in most parts of the United States. The difference is that depending on where you’re at, the meaning can be completely different. In other cities rankin’ can mean foul smelling, or even totally awesome, but down south rankin’ is Jacksonville’s version of taking the piss.

Listen to the Geto Boys use rankin’ in their song “Homie Don’t Play That”:

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