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Scrilla, one of Jacksonville's favorite slang terms!

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(noun) Money; Cash

Can also be used in verb form ("scrilling"), which means to make money, either through working or selling something. or earning money in another fashion

Jay: “Got all my scrilla together, next week I’ll be getting’ me a new ride.”

Leonard: “Yeah, man, I seen you been scrillin’.”

Jay: “Business is good. Business is good.”

Leonard: “When you gonna hook me up with a job, yo?”

Jay: “I should. Then you can pay me back all the scrilla you owe me!”

The term scrilla originated in the black community back, especially amongst those who did not keep their money in a bank account. Scrilla comes from the word scroll, and if you didn’t have a bank account you kept your money rolled up in your pocket like a scroll. Scrilla and scrilling are still primarily slang words that have stayed within the black community, but it is not uncommon to hear people of other ethnic backgrounds in Jacksonville use them.

Have a listen to Moka Only’s song, “Pillow Fulla Scrilla.”

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