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slump, one of Jacksonville's favorite slang terms!

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(verb) To knock someone out cold with a punch to the face

Sometimes slump can just mean punching someone really hard

Shawn: “Hey, put that remote down or I’ll straight up slump your ass. I’m watchin’ this.”

Russ: “Come on, man, the game’s about to start.”

Shawn: “Just chill dude, it’s almost over.”

Russ: “How can you watch this garbage?”

Shawn: “I love Cheaterz, bro. Chicks be like slumpin’ on they boyfriends when they find out they been strayin´.”

Russ: “Whatever, man, it’s garbage.”

The slang word slump comes from the fact that once you’ve knocked someone unconscious that they’ll slump over and fall to the ground. You can hear slump used in this fashion in a lot of rap music, not only from Jacksonville based groups, but from all over Florida.

Lil Durk warns that “niggas get slumped” in this track "Dis Ain’t What You Want”:


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