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True, one of Jacksonville's favorite slang terms!

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(adjective) A form of agreement

While other southern cities use variations of the same slang, such as “true that/dat” or “truth”, in Jacksonville it is most common to simply say “true” to acknowledge that you agree with something that someone just said. If you agree strongly, just repeat, “true, true.”

Johnny: “The Jaguars look terrible this year, dude. They might not win a single game.” 

Casey: “True.”

Johnny: “We’ve got receivers, just no one to throw them the ball.”

Casey: “True, true.”

Some slang words are completed fabricated, sometimes they come from other languages, and sometimes they’re just a word that’s used with a different meaning than it usually have. In cases like “true”, the slang came about by the shortening of the proper sentence “That’s true”, kind of like how “See you later” was shortened into “later.”

L’il Wayne agrees in this video. True.

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