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Comped, one of Las Vegas's favorite slang terms!

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(verb) To be given a free room, or food, or drinks by a Casino in return for having gambled a lot of money

You can be comped whether you’re winning or losing, as long as you’re betting a lot

Don: “Hey, man, guess what? They just comped our room.”

Bruce: “Sweet! How did you pull that off?”

Don: “I have no idea, they must think we high rollers, bro.”

Bruce: “We ARE high rollers, G! Comped, Vegas style!”

Don: “So yeah, I need to borrow some money cuz I just lost 5 hundy on the blackjack tables.”

“Comp” comes from the word compensated, and is used solely in Las Vegas when referring to being given free room, food, or beverage (also known as RFB) in exchange for betting a lot. High rollers are always comped when they come to Rack City, so people who are not high rollers can feel like they are when the casino comps them. A trick the casinos sometimes play is to comp a wanna-be high roller some food or drinks, to dupe them into betting larger amounts of money in the hopes of being comped something more.

This Twitter user regrets not going with her mom Vegas:

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