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Eye in the Sky, one of Las Vegas's favorite slang terms!

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Eye in the Sky
(noun) Refers to Big Brother and all of the cameras watching everything in Las Vegas

Joe: “Hey man, put that spliff away!”

Jason: “What dude? There’s nobody here. It’s just a little weed.”

Joe: “The Eye in the Sky’s here.”

Jason: “Nah, man, I don’t see any cameras.”

Joe: “It’s Vegas, yo, there’s always a camera, just put that shit away and we can light it up at my crib.”

Even if most of the CCTV cameras are inside or just outside of the casinos, residents of Las Vegas are astutely aware that they are constantly being watched. With all the money that is tossed around in Vegas, it makes sense why the powers that be want to have an “Eye in the Sky” and the locals are used to it and make fun of it.

Here’s a perfect example from Robert De Niro in “Casino”:

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