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Long Haul, one of Las Vegas's favorite slang terms!

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(verb - noun) An extra long taxi ride, the wrong way around town, in order to boost up the fare

Alice: “I want you to go pick up my parents at the airport tomorrow.”

Pete: “Are you serious? They’re getting in around rush hour. Can’t they just take a taxi again?”

Alice: “Remember, last time they got long hauled and it cost like a hundred bucks to get here.”

Pete: “Well, now that they know, they won’t get long hauled again.”

Alice: “These are my parents we are talking about here. Unless you want to pay for the taxi, you pick them up.”

The term 'long haul' came about because taxi cabs and other similar transportation services in Las Vegas are famous for ripping off tourists. When people come to Vegas they are usually there for short trips, with money to burn, and so often they are so excited about getting the party started that they don’t pay attention to how much money they are spending on certain things. It’s common for a local to tell their cabbie “Hey, I’m from here, so don’t try to long haul me”, to give them the heads up that they will know if the driver goes the wrong way.

You can see long haul in use in this YouTube video on “Las Vegas Thieves – Taxi Cab Long Haul”: 

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