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Rack City, one of Las Vegas's favorite slang terms!

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(noun) The slang term for the city's name – Las Vegas

A popular term the locals use to refer to the biggest casino-filled area in the world

Phil: “I just love the lights of Rack City.”

Chuck: “Yeah, man, I just moved down from Reno and Rack City is the bomb. The biggest little city in the world’s got nuthin’ on this place.”

Phil: “No shit, man, I couldn’t live anywhere else.”

Chuck: “Maybe when you’re older and want to get some shut eye once in a while!”

Rack City refers to the racks that hold the chips on the gambling tables. The term Rack City refers to Las Vegas as a party town and so when you say Rack City you are mostly talking about downtown and “the strip” and not the Las Vegas metropolitan area in general.

Check out Tyga’s song titled Rack City:

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