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Whale, one of Las Vegas's favorite slang terms!

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(noun) Someone who comes to Vegas to bet a lot of money

To be a whale you must be prepared to win or lose millions

Janice: “I’m sick of dealing these chump change tables. I wanna get at the whales.”

Jen: “What difference does it make? Aren’t a lot of the high rollers complete dicks?”

Janice: “Sure, yeah, but dicks that give huge tips. If a whale wins a hundred grand on a hand of blackjack it’s nothin’ for them to flip you a thousand dollar chip.”

Jen: “Are you serious? I am in the wrong business!”

Janice: “Not really Jen, you don’t wanna be stuck working the skank shift with me, dealing to bored mid-level businessmen from Cleveland. You gotta have connections to deal to the whales.”

The slang word whale comes from being big, referring of course to a big wallet. Win or lose, a whale bets around a half million dollars per hour minimum. Worldwide the consensus is that there are around 250 whales, people both wealthy enough and also with the propensity to gamble. There are other gambling haunts around the globe, but Vegas is still a top destination for people with so much money that they don’t blink at losing millions in a night.

E-40 and Too Short talk about being a whale in “Slide Through” ft. Tyga, “I’m a whale”:


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