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fo shizzle, one of Long Beach's favorite slang terms!

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(adverb) For sure; Definitely

Chuck: “Hey G, you wanna hit up Angie’s party this weekend?”

David: “Fo shizzle, yo, that’s shit’s gonna be the bomb.”

Chuck: “Fo shizzle my nizzle, bro. Her mom’s out of town for like 3 weeks.”

David: “Sweetage. Maybe she’ll open it up next week, too, then.”

Chuck: “LBC, baby.”

While most people attribute the slang phrase fo shizzle to Snoop Dogg, we heard it first in 1981, from Double-Dutch Bus. That being said, Snoop Dogg certainly made the phrase famous, from the point that what used to be common slang within the LBC gangster rap community spread to pretty much all walks of life. The phrase is so trite now that you probably wouldn’t hear too many gangsters using it, but you’ll certainly hear plenty of LBC wanna be gangsters shoutin’ “fo shizzle” to their homies.

Here’s Snoop Dogg in the flesh, fo shizzle:

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