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indo, one of Long Beach's favorite slang terms!

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(noun) A certain strain of marijuana, but in contemporary usage it refers to weed in general

Bryan: “Hey, bro, pass me the indo. Woop, woop! I’m gonna roll me a fatty.”

James: “Sheeeit, you don’t smoke, bro, you’re just all talk. Pack of lies ´n shit.”

Bryan: “I do too smoke, bro.”

James: “This indo knock you out, bro, better start you out on some loose shank.”

The origins of the slang come from the cultivation of marijuana, shortening a strain of Indonesian to indo. Many people incorrectly believe that indo is short for indoor, as this type of marijuana is usually grown indoors. Nowadays, because of Snoop Dogg and other Long Beach County rappers and musicians, the term indo has come to mean marijuana in general.

Just so you know, indo is best enjoyed with gin and juice: 

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