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Jimmy, one of Long Beach's favorite slang terms!

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(noun) A condom

Phil: “Hey man, I’m heading over to Carla’s place. You got a Jimmy I can borrow?”

Charlie: “Yeah, dude, there’s a box on top of the dresser, but I don’t want you borrowing it. I don’t want it back, you can just keep it.”

Phil: “Yeah, whatever, you know what I meant.”

Charlie: “What you need a Jimmy for anyhow? I thought she was waiting for marriage?”

Phil: “I know, but maybe tonight will be the night she changes her mind.”

Charlie: “Ha, good luck with that.”

Many male names have been used as slang to mean penis over the years, and Jimmy is a popular one (other examples are Johnson, Dick, Peter). The condom, being a sort of hat for your penis, came to be known as a Jimmy Hat. In Long Beach the use of the slang word Jimmy comes from a shortened version of Jimmy Hat. Men are more likely to use the term Jimmy than women when referring to a condom. You use the word Jimmy to sort of show off that you are going to have sex soon (or that you have it often: i.e. “I go through a lot of Jimmys.”)

This Twitter user quotes Ice Cube with regards to safe sex:


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